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Social causes


Associação Internacional de Filantropia (Macau) - 國際博愛協會(澳門)launched a solidarity campaign #helplebanon2020 to support a local NGO Achrafieh2020 following the explosion in the port of Beirut in 4 August that left 300,000 people homeless in the Lebanese capital city. 


The donations supported 400 families during three month with food, medical and social care provided by Achrafiel2020 and help displaced families to return to their homes which had been destroyed by the blast.

This solidarity initiative organized by Associação Internacional de Filantropia (Macau) - 國際博愛協會(澳門)has contributed for Macau engagement in international solidarity and philanthropic networks.

Lebanon port.jpeg

Social causes - Making everyone a Philanthropist

This is my street  is a Facebook group created for people worldwide to share pictures of their streets during 2020 and 2021 in exceptional times.

This is my street has gathered a community spread over 130 countries and will be on display from 13 November to 30 December at Artyzen Grand Lapa Hotel, in Macau, with an Art Photo exhibition featuring 50 photos . The proceeds reverted to a local charity institution in Macau that shelters children with physical and mental disabilities.This is my street is a beautiful journey through the many ways we give back today. We, the non-wealthy givers, give in all kinds, from gofundme to shopping at certain businesses or making conscious choices. We give cash, time or share a little bit of ourselves for the common good. These new trends transcend geographies and cultural traditions, it’s a new form of participation and how we commit to our communities.This is my street by Associação International de Filantropia (Macau) has nominated six ambassadors to promote an online auction of six selected photos, we can't thank enough for their true expression of the Art of Giving.



This is my street NFT is a photographic collection by different photographers taking us to a journey through urban sceneries and landscapes that catch the time, the moment, the place. Each collection has the photographer own style and, featuring the detail, people’s souls, the esthetics of urban architecture and natural landscape and with this writing its story. This is my street offers unique captures with the participation of photographers from around the world inviting us to a multicultural escape. This is my street is first and foremost a philanthropist project linking photography to the “Art of Giving”. It embodies how NFT platforms can be an alternative for crypo-philanthropy making it easier for non-profits to find alternative sources of funding. This is the pure use of blockchain-powered art, an in this case fine photography, in making the world a better place. This platform will allocate funds generated by sales for philanthropist projects. 

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